Transforming Businesses Through FIS Comprehensive Technology Services

Professional Services

Within a holistic project framework, FIS excels at meticulously addressing tailored business challenges, ranging from intricate cloud migration endeavors to the seamless integration of cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Our engagement encompasses a meticulous journey spanning strategic ideation, meticulous planning, innovative design, flawless implementation, seamless adoption, and comprehensive training. We anticipate your evolving needs and extend our expertise to encompass continuous, future-oriented support.

Our repertoire of professional services targets enterprises seeking precise and swift resolutions for targeted pain points or complex issues. Additionally, we specialize in strategic blueprints that not only alleviate current obstacles but also chart a course for your enduring expansion and prosperity.

Professional Services

Comprehensive IT Consulting

Our consultancy covers a spectrum of business tech strategies: Cloud, Budgeting, Analytics, Risk, Recovery, Software, Continuity, Assessment, Communication, ERP, Integration.

Industry-tailored transformations at FIS: With industry insights, we handle regulations, challenges, and audiences. Seamlessly merge new and legacy tech through digital integration, considering architecture, workforce, and apps.


Effective Training

Benefiting from FIS's extensive expertise amassed through diverse implementations, our team of experts and consultants delivers essential training across customer organizations. This empowers both management and staff to maximize system performance.

Training is tailored for various roles:

  • Top Management (Decisive Forms and Reports)
  • Super Users (System Administration and Management)
  • End Users (Data Entry and Reporting)

Learning, defined as behavior change from experience, holds special significance in the tech realm. At FIS, we emphasize hands-on engagement with technology for optimal comprehension. Mere descriptions fall short; direct interaction matters. Our training includes "Instructor-Led" and "On-Job" formats, fostering effective learning.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Our technical support is staffed with certified engineers, and senior-level professionals are familiar with a variety of development and collaboration methodologies.

We take into consideration the type of infrastructure, business profile, way of conducting business, and budget limits.

We’re not here to drain your budget, but to focus on core business needs, allowing to your business be more productive, save time and reduce IT costs.

We specialize in 24/7 support, including a Help Desk staffed by certified engineers who provide the Curative and preventive maintenance and health check.

Scope of services provided by FIS:

  • Handling issues related to IT applications, services, and systems.
  • Application efficiency management
  • Capacity management
  • Monitoring IT systems of the customer
  • Change management – redesigning customer systems (customizing the customer systems)